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Welcome to The Omerian Group, P. A.

The Omerian Group, P.A., a professional association, is a premier group of physicians, specializing in providing highly professional medical expert witnessing, medical consultation and advisory services. Utilizing insightful knowledge and vast medical expertise, The Omerian Group, P.A. is the medical consulting service of choice for companies, corporations, insurance agencies and the legal community.

The physicians of The Omerian group, P.A. are Licensed and Board-Certified medical doctors practicing medicine across the entire United States. We are all committed to offering attentive, confidential, independent and unbiased professional assistance. From expert medical witnessing and forensic consultation, to second medical opinions and medical products' evaluation, we will provide trusted expert medical opinions assisting you to meet your goals.

Given the complexity of the medical field and the overwhelming rate of new scientific progress in medicine, partnering with a group of leading physicians can make the difference between dead ends and new opportunities, between risky steps and successful wise decisions. Don't postpone your next step! Call us now and let us show you how The Omerian Group, P.A. can assist you.

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